I Want To Critique Your Website!! [FREE]

No sales or conversions? What’s going on?

My name is Carlos, owner of (NDM) Nino Digital Media and I like to offer a free website critique to point out the areas which need improvement, and the ones that are doing well. What you do with our observations is entirely up to you of course, but I encourage you to listen to them. I have been building and optimizing websites for a couple of years now, to quickly identify the problem areas of your website.

What Do You Get?

I’ll review your website from every angle:

You’ll get your website review in the form of a video within 24 hours.  You can watch as I navigate your website and highlight the various elements listed above.  The videos are normally between five and thirty minutes long, depending on the website.

Once you’ve watched the video, very happily we can schedule a free call to discuss our findings and answer any questions.

Other stuff I’ll look for:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Technical errors
  • How you convert visitors to customers

And guess what…
Free Means FREE

I don’t make any effort to sell our services.  If what we’ve shown in the video review makes sense, and you’d like to talk about how we could help you deliver better results for your business, great! If not, no worries… We hope the critique is helpful and we’ll be here in the future if you need us.

Sound good?

To get started fill in the form below and we’ll schedule your critique and be in touch with the video.


Free Website Critique Request

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